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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a little update here and quick upload there

I need to slow down. I set myself targets that I struggle to keep. As I am now in my happy place, I feel that I am drowning in my own creative juices. As I have mused many a time I have been jotting down ideas, quips, sketches, funny words, funny thing’s people say or just things that stand out for as long as I can remember. One of the problems I had was that I never had the time to do anything with them. I thought that I had the time now. However, I have been sadly informed that this is at the cost of something much greater.
I did not realise just how much time I was putting into the work that I do. I write and perform comedy sketches as part of the… well you know all this, but what I have done is decide that I need to tell the whole world about it! It has gotten to the point whereby my wife knows more about me through people on my Facebook page than she does in sharing the same house with me!
That little update here and quick upload there soon add up. Minutes become hours become days become weekends become divorce material. However, not only that, there are days that I just cannot switch off. I lie in bed and come up with ideas, I wake up with ideas, I shower and brush my teeth with ideas, I have ideas whilst I am writing down ideas! Therefore, I reached a compromise. I would slow down for the sake of my marriage and for the sake of my health. What was the agreement? We would have a nice day out together as a family and I would not attend a filmmaking project with Writer’s Block NE.
Now of course I cannot switch off and realised that the BBC Britain in a Day was running on the same day. So what do I do? I put the two together and decide to make my most ambitious project on the day I am to switch off. Argh, it just cannot be done! So look out for 60/60 in 1. Coming soon, either that or divorce papers!

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