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Monday, August 1, 2011

the new fads

I have had an ongoing problem with fads. I say it is a problem. For me it is not a problem but for those around me it appears to be. I will often have people approach me wanting to show me a new trick or ask me to perform one for them. I have to explain that I am no longer into magic. How is the online poker coming on? Again, I explain that I no longer partake in the time killer that is online poker. I frequently feel I have a hidden talent and that the next fad will be it, the thing that I have been put on the earth to do that will change the lives of those around me. To be the worlds greatest (insert fad here). Therefore, it is not uncommon for me to put one hundred percent of my time, albeit for a brief moment, into a new fad. Upon reflection, I can see where I am going wrong. I never commit enough time to any fad to prove I will be the greatest. Maybe if I spent more than a few moments a night for a few weeks and then phase it out in favour of the mandolin I would improve my skills. I truly am the Jack of a lot of things master of none.
There is one area that I admittedly know I could improve on and that is the time I spend with my family. It is all too easy to take them for granted or push them aside in favour of even more ‘me’ time. ‘Me’ time for my fads is important but so is ‘we’ time. I introduced my daughter to the old yes/no game. A simple idea that she absolutely loved and spent ages fighting the need to say yes or no. It is simple things like this that made me realise I have one fad that defies all others. The lifetime fad of family man. Now, where did I put those maracas?

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