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Monday, September 19, 2011

do much over the weekend?

I have become a slave to social media sites. There, I have said it. I fought becoming assimilated for a number of years, as I “just like didn’t want to conform man”. With a wee dabble here and there I soon realised that I could use this to my advantage.
Having joined the Writers Block NE performance group at the Arc in Stockton-on-Tees I very quickly got the short movie-making buzz. I met up with other hardened moviemakers, newbie’s like me, started to write scripts, and both stared in and directed a few short movies. That is fine but what is a movie that cannot be seen? There are movies made in the seventies with more viewings than I was getting (no not that type, I should have made clear my reference to the ‘home’ movie. Actually, that does not make it that much less of an innuendo feed. I will move on). So step forth the might of Facebook. Now I had a media to plug my movies. However, I hit upon a small snag. I soon found that whilst I might have a few friends, I would suggest that like me, their common interest is in letting others know what they have been up to rather than having a particular interest in what others have been up to. This format also requires the common interest of watching and making short movies or updating blogs. With a quick glance at my viewing figures on my channel monism2000, I find that I might have around 10 friends who share such an interest. Hmm, maybe it is time to find a new format!
Whilst I might not have the steady stream of followers I was expecting, I have another use for email. Emails have replaced the catch up pint I used to enjoy during the nineties. I would meet real live friends in real live venues and we would shoot the breeze. Instead, I now find myself staring a Monday morning with emails starting “do much over the weekend?”
Well I do hope you did do something over the weekend and I would like to take a moment to thank you for reading this and hopefully following my ramblings. Unbelievably, I have a number of friends who do not!

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