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Monday, September 26, 2011

head full of shite

I just have far too much stuff in my head. I commonly refer to this as my “head full of shite”. One of the many, many drawbacks is that I cannot commit to complete…anything. I have written previously regarding my many fads however, I was recently able to experience a moment whereby knowing loads of smaller things was better than knowing one complete thing.
Lately I had a real live friend round my house for a catch up. We did the usual catchy up things like who have you seen? Who has died? Who is pregnant? Who has left? And so on. Following this, we did the catch up bit. This is the part that gets a bit more individual. So how have you been keeping? Are you still with Mr X? Do you still plan to dominate the world? And so on. The second cup of tea is offered at this point.
The conversation steers round to me and what have I been up to. This is usually the point whereby I have to summarise my fads. As it happens, there have been mainly three. The main two being performing comedy, making short films, keeping fit and learning to count. However, since the last time I met with my real live friend I went through the guitar based instruments fad. This culminated in the collecting of guitars (both acoustic and electric), a mandolin and a ukulele. First, a quick bit of real live friend history.
My real live friend was an underrated musical prodigy. I can say this, as I know for a fact that they will not read this. So how made up was I when, whilst I was strumming a few chords and playing the intros to a few tunes did they say “I wish I could do that, just sit there strumming and plucking away” (or words to that effect, like I said, they won’t be reading this so I have a bit of artists licence). Now the reason I liked this comment is that I have become “that guy who can sit there just plucking and strumming away”. This was something that motivated me to play the guitar and you know what? I have achieved something! I have some closure and it feels quite good. Now what I need to do is take the advice I received regarding my writing and finish writing something! Actually does this cou…

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