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Thursday, July 14, 2011

the build up to the impossibly big sketch show

The days are drawing closer and closer. Soon I will be on the stage of the Arc in Stockton-on-Tees taking part in my first ever stage performance since school. The major difference is that at least in these sketches I am not dead, dying or carrying scenery. Something that followed me throughout my junior school acting career.
I played the character Carrots who died on the street of neglect. His legacy is that he was one of the children that inspired Dr Barnardos to set up their great work. Following this, I was already dead. For I played Tutankhamen. An easy part that required me to lie with a cardboard mask on my face. Not quite to the same value as the original.
And finally, my most inspiration role. Although it was not the actual role that inspired me but the fact that the play was developed based on something I brought to the class. I said to the teacher Miss Smith (her real name even though it does sound like a pseudonym) that over the weekend, with my babysitter, I had listened to Geoff Lynne's The War of the Worlds. I remember her being instantly inspired (in my recollections anyway) and suggested we recreate the start of the play. My main reminiscences of this were throwing my jumper towards a girl I fancied in some veiled attempt at contact and of course, dying. I died the death of the heat ray. A bright bedside light that lit when the top of the Martian’s vessel came off (eventually, as I recall the Martian taking at least two attempts to push if off).
I still take great pleasure in thinking back to that day when Miss Smith decided to direct a play based on something I told her. I must admit, I still get that sense of accomplishment when my ideas are approved to this day.
Whilst I cannot remember the nerves of my school plays, I can vividly recall the excitement of being on stage. Something I hope will be recreated one week and a few hours from this very moment. Cue that belly nervousness!

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