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Friday, July 15, 2011

Let us all be 45 degrees

Last nights rehearsal evening has taught me this, if you are going to arrange a three-night show…don’t. I could only pity the organiser left alone to arrange a hodge podge of members turning up at different times, prioritising drinks and then randomly disappearing. I soon realised that this said more about me than my peers.
I am a very organised person and one of the many downsides to this is that I expect those around me to be equally organised. It is like fingernails down a blackboard to me when I see people sauntering around when those around them are losing their heads. I found a colleague to be a particular trigger of this anxious feeling in me and so we had an agreement. We likened ourselves to angles. I am bolt upright, perpendicular to my friend who is very much at ninety degrees. So the compromise was this, I would be less erect (yes, quite) and he less laid back. So forty-five degrees it is then. The added bonus of this is that we can make the forty-five degree angle with our hand to each other. This ensures I become less controlling whilst he becomes more active. Now for me this works. However, does this work because it is a workable idea or because I have managed to instil some level of organisation in another human being? In attempting to manage my control I have inadvertently became more controlling. So let us all be 45 degrees and slowly I can control the world, one degree at a time.

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